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An Insight into the Rise Of Professional Betting Here In India


Betting is a global phenomenon and it is prevalent all over the world. It is perhaps in the search of easy money that you are looking to place a bet. In India, one of the popular themes to place a bet on is the Satta Matka guessing concept. It is a much simpler theme to enjoy a bet than the complicated casino games of cockfights, or slots. You will find it easy as we discuss with you the norms of this form of betting. There is the Matka pot, which is the focal point of attraction and it has got numbers. You have to select a number and if that is the same figure in the lucky draw of the operator, then you should be able to mint good money. It is a simple game and is loved by all.

When did it all start?

If you speak about the Satta Matka specifically, the game has been played in this country for the last six decades, but professional betting existed in India before that. The records state that just after independence Indians got habituated to betting and the game to be played was Ankur Jugar, That was too popular a game and here the participants had to guess the opening prices of cotton, the next day on the stock exchanges. The game was popular but had to be stopped suddenly because stock exchanges worldwide halted cotton trades. This is just the moment the Indian betting industry brought in the Satta game.

The transformation to the online Satta

In 1961, when the game was first played, it was in the physical format and the game blossomed despite an illegal hangover. The cops were conducting raids on the premises, but that could not budge the popularity of the game. Slowly digital penetration happened in India and the Satta game operators have also taken the fun online. One should note that it is legal to play the online version of the Satta game and you can participate without the fear of police raids. If you can arrange for a computer connected to the net, there is the scope to have fun on the Satta board, but in the digital format. The core operations are the same and there is still the pot. You still have to guess numbers, but this time, one just has to type them on the screen and not shout them out.

Are there any tips to play the game?

The Satta Matka game is now accessible online and if you were in two minds regarding participating in the physical version, there should be no doubt here. You could register with the reputed website and join in the fun. Once you start playing, there is always the scope to register with popular websites such as Satta Batta and avail necessary help to play this game. They will assist with tools and technical know-how so that you can emerge successful in this game and mint money constantly.